New Years Resolutions…Are You Sticking to Them?

Many drug and alcohol treatment programs make you list “resolutions” in group.  These resolutions are kind of like a New Years Resolution.  You vow to stay sober, you swear you’ll treat everyone that loves you with respect, avoid triggers, etc.  You know the drill.  I have a problem with that word because of “New Years” and all of these associations with never following through with resolutions.  Seriously, who does?  Can you name someone who was still sticking to their diet a month after NYE?  How about someone who resolved to never lose their temper?

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction (or alcoholism) resolutions usually don’t stick unless you have some kind of plan.  I am by no means the type to down a group like AA, but the few times I’ve gone I hear either two things: a lot of “wishy thinking” or regrets.  Our brains are hardwired to addiction, so we need to figure out how that mechanism works and then rewire or work around the problem.

Again, not knocking AA since a lot of people get something out of it, but I think that those with a drug addiction or alcoholism issue need more than ideas and mantras, they need a real plan of attack.  Most of us have other issues that feed and fuel the addiction so its important for us to have a real drug or alcohol treatment program.  You get to learn why you have all these addictions and how to avoid them.  It’s real “science-y”.

I think AA and NA’s place is in the post-rehab period of time, where you have your tools in hand and need some support from “friends”.

My resolution every year for the rest of my life is to stay off opiates.  So far…I’m sticking to them.  Listen, I know its hard having a problem that is both terrifying and embarrassing, but you can’t let that keep you away from getting help.  So if you haven’t gotten help yet for your drug or alcohol addiction, please do yourself a favor and call someone today: 877.403.3381

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