Whitney Houston: Thoughts on Addiction and Recovery

Whitney Houston Bodyguard SoundtrackAlcoholism and drug addiction have taken many lives.  They could have easily taken mine.  I am well aware of that.  I was asked to write my thoughts on Whitney Houston’s death.  I was a little kid when she came out.  I was probably in middle school or maybe freshman year of high school when The Bodyguard was released in theaters.  Being a little dude I wasn’t exactly influenced by “chick music”, but even as a kid I knew who Whitney Houston was.  As an addict I always routed for her to clean up–don’t you always want other drug addicts to get their shit together for you?  It is very important to see addicts in recovery–especially when they stay there like Nikki Sixx.  I mean, seriously, you’d think that “Jesus Loves Me” Whitney Houston would have cleaned up better than this guy:

Nikki Sixx Post Drugs (just barely)My alcohol and drug treatment center had posters up of Nikki’s book, The Heroin Diaries.  Here is a dude who died like 2 or 3 times from heroin overdose and now is clean for 15 years with tons of clean cut kids, is a New York Times best-selling author, has his own successful radio show, and is still making music.  In a weird way, I needed Nikki.  I needed to know that someone who was so worse off, so far down that path of alcoholism  and drug addiction could get off and stay off.

When Whitney Houston came out of drug rehab two or three years ago I was really hoping she was going to make a come back, like: See world, drug addicts can get clean and get their lives back.  Then I heard her speak and it was about taking a break from exhaustion and blah blah blah.  She was either in denial about drugs or in denial about how much support she would get–either way, she was lying to everyone.

And now she’s dead.  Dead in a bathtub with exactly the type of depressants on hand that many stimulant addicts are given to “recover”.

This blog is supposed to be about getting alcohol and drug treatment.  I know I’m supposed to talk about positive stuff like getting into therapy, but today I want to say that its not just about getting a good doctor who will help, or getting therapy, but getting the right sort of help, the right sort of therapy…and I just don’t think that happens for celebrities.  They go to places that cater to their celebrity.  Celebrity drug rehab.  Whatever.

Nikki Sixx didn’t go to some Hollyweird rehab.  He flew off to some middle America drug rehab to be treated just like everyone else. Its not just about the rehab, its about finding the right drug or alcohol rehab.

Whitney Houston is dead today because she took Xanax and fell asleep so hard that she drowned in the tub.  Was this suicide?  Was it an accidental overdose?  Who knows?  What I know is that she died because she was a drug addict.  Whitney Houston took a God given gift and threw it away to drugs, and, no, I don’t mean her voice.  I mean her life.

Had anyone cared to help her because they loved her, not because she was a meal ticket…maybe she would still be here.

Had she loved her daughter enough to not want to leave her behind…maybe she would still be here.

Had she doctors who were responsible enough to give her small doses of prescription meds or none at all…maybe she would still be here.

Maybe Amy Winehouse would still be here.

Maybe Michael Jackson would still be here.

Maybe Kurt Cobain would still be here.

Maybe Brad Renfro would still be here.

Maybe Heath Ledger would still be here.

Right now, I’m just glad that I’m still here.  Thank you Abby, Danny, Autumn and Mom for helping me through and thank you Nikki Sixx for leading the way.  Call 877.403.3381 to get help today.

Nikki Sixx, Courtesy of RockNewsDesk

Nikki Sixx, Courtesy of RockNewsDesk